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What will I learn in this masterclass

This course offers an accessible and robust introduction to the concepts of innovation and scaling.

  1. 01


    Get an introduction to what we mean by “innovations” and how we define them.

  2. 02

    Innovation Packages

    Develop your understanding of Innovation Packages, and the the critical reflection required to successfully scale innovations. 

  3. 03

    Gender-Responsible Scaling

    Understand why gender and diversity matter in relation to innovation and scaling, and how to support scaling in a gender-responsible way.

  4. 04

    Scaling Readiness

    Introduction and walkthrough of Scaling Readiness: an evidence based, step-wise approach used to assess what it needed for your innovation to go bigger. 

  5. 05

    Scaling Strategies

    Learn how to design evidence-based and resource-efficient scaling strategies, and fit-for-purpose partnerships for innovation and scaling.

  6. 06

    Innovation Portfolio Management

    Study the basics of innovation portfolio management and how it can support organisations to navigate towards impact.

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